Use your loyalty card grocery programs

If you’re not a part of most major grocery chains’ loyalty programs, SIGN UP AND GET A CARD!  It’s free savings – money in your pocket!

Just today, I shopped at Market Street and got a great deal on some sale items.  Add to that some great finds in the clearance meat sections (a full pork tenderloin for less than $4).  I went to check out and a $5 off bonus coupon had been added to my card.  Boom – just like that – I saved more money than I spent.  Score!

Some stores tailor extra coupons depending on your shopping habits.  Tom Thumb has their “Just for U” program while Kroger will send coupons in the mail based on your previous purchases for items you might like.  With Market Street, you can sign up for different newsletters and programs.  With them, I’m alerted to special deals with their Pet Club as well as free wine tastings and sales in store with their Wine & Craft Beer Club.  They have other rewards programs too like Kids & Baby and Health & Wellness.

Regardless, most stores have an app for your phone or you can log in online with a username and password.  Either way, you can load additional digital coupons for even more savings.  Happy shopping!

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