Take advantage of price matching

Last week, my washer went out.  After much research and shopping around, I decided to purchase a washer & dryer set from Best Buy for several reasons:  1 – the rep was exceptionally knowledgable and answered my relentless questions with kindness and patience, 2 – they don’t work on commission so there was no “hard sell,” and 3 – they price match.  Yes, big stores like Lowes and Home Depot price match as well, but Best Buy offered the price match guarantee for up to 14 days after the purchase.  Cut to a week later…I found the washer & dryer I had purchased advertised at several stores much cheaper for upcoming Columbus Day sales.  So this morning I walked into Best Buy and handed them my receipt; they verified the better prices online and refunded me over $270 on the spot – all within less than 10 minutes!  Score!  It was so easy and no hassle whatsoever.

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