shop grocery clearance sections

If you don’t shop the clearance sections at your stores, you are missing out!

I took advantage of Walmart’s price matching today and saved myself trips to three other grocery stores.  I also scanned their clearance section and came across some House Autry breading for chicken and pork chops.  The brand rang a bell so I checked on my phone – sure enough, that brand was featured on my Checkout51 app.  Not only was the breading discounted to $2 a box, but I got another $1 off each box with the app.  My “variety of choice” was extra crispy gluten free oven-baked pork breading.  That means some pork schnitzle is on the menu at home this week!

Also today at Tom Thumb, I found 4 lamb loin chops that were discounted and ended up being $3.33 (total, not each).  They were in the bargain bin then had another 50% “manager’s special” sticker on them.

Bottom line – even if it’s not on your list, swing by and take a gander at your stores’ clearance sections.  You could save tons and always freeze the items if you don’t need them right away.  It also never hurts to look at the “sell by” dates and ask the butcher for discounts if the date is a day or two away.  The worse they’ll do is say no.

Happy shopping!


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