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This tip isn’t so much about saving you money as it is about decluttering your inbox and saving your sanity and time.  A lot of us probably give out an email address to sign up for various discounts and newsletters.  (By the way, if you don’t have a separate email address just for this purpose, you might want to consider it).  One of my absolute FAVORITE apps/sites is  It allows you to manage all of those subscriptions and bring some much needed order back to your life.  First, register your email address.  Next, you will be asked to do one of 3 things with each subscription – roll up, unsubscribe, or keep in inbox.

The first option – roll up – you select a time of day to have your “roll up” delivered to your inbox.  You receive one email – yes, just ONE email – to receive all of those subscriptions rolled up at once.  This makes it easy to scroll quickly through all the “junk” and identify what you really want to see that day.  Perhaps your favorite vendor is having a sale or offering a coupon.  Simply click on the icon for that email to receive the full version.

The second option – unsubscribe  – the app does the work for you to unsubscribe you from email lists you no longer wish to receive.

The third option – keep in inbox – for those important emails you want to receive as you normally would.  These won’t get lost in the roll up and will come to your inbox as they always have.

I can’t speak highly enough of this service.  Unsubscribing from unwanted lists is SO MUCH EASIER.  Worried about losing something in the rollup?  Most email programs offer a search feature. creates a separate folder with all original emails that are getting rolled up so you can easily go to that folder and perform a search without having to scroll through all the “once a day roll ups”.  With each new “roll up” email you receive (again, only one a day), you will see a notification of new detected subscriptions at the top.  Simply click and choose which of the three options you’d like for those.  Best of all – it works online (desktop or laptop) as well as an app on your phone.

Sign up – you won’t regret it!

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