Live and Learn – Consignment stores

This week’s project was cleaning out my closet.  Of course I wondered how I could make some money from all that hard work.  Thus, I had my first experience trying to sell clothes at a consignment store.  Ultimately, I decided that the process was more trouble than what it was worth.  I tried three stores and sold a total of four items, making just over $10; and I still had four bags of clothes left.  Yes, I know – I can always donate to charity (which I will ultimately end up doing).  However, I thought I could replenish my wardrobe with the money I would make – talk about delusions of grandeur!  So now I reach out to you, dear readers.  What is your favorite way to sell items?  Is it through a website like NextDoor or Facebook Marketplace?  Perhaps you use an app like Let it Go or 5Miles.  Comment below and help me out.  After all, we learn from others.  Thanks, and happy shopping!

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