Get paid to write reviews for tech products

Since I know a lot of people that work with various computer programs, I thought I would share this tip.  Check out  After first seeing them on a Facebook ad, I was a bit skeptical; however, after giving them a try I was pleasantly surprised.  You have to sign up with a LinkedIn account then review products with which you are familiar.  I have written reviews for products I use every day at work such as Google Docs, Google Classroom, Prezi, etc. (though there is a much more extensive list of products from which to choose), and this company sends a $10 e-gift card for Amazon or Starbucks.  In a typical review, you state how you use the product, rank different features, say what you like and don’t like, and upload a screenshot of the product in use.  That’s it!  Normally, it takes about 15 minutes.  Once my reviews were verified, I received an email with my gift card code.  It really was that simple.  So I urge you to look for them on Facebook or go to their web page and check them out!  Happy reviews and rewards to you!

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