My Story

I have been told on numerous occasions that I know how to stretch a dollar.  After telling friends about the large percentage I save on groceries or that great deal I got on towels, I was encouraged to start this blog.  Since I love saving money (who doesn't?), and I love helping people, this seemed like a natural fit.

My tips are by no means the "be all end all" of financial advice.  I am simply a normal person that likes to find deals and will share with you what I have learned.  I am not making any promises for huge windfalls to come your way, but I WILL show you how I save money on normal everyday things so that I don't feel guilty when I make the occasional splurge.

Meet the Team

One of us knows how to save money, and the other wishes she could do a little better.  Between Destiny's "know-how" and Rachel's big ideas and enthusiasm, we hope to make saving money something that is realistic and not overwhelming.

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Founder & CEO

Wife, teacher, pet mom, expert in frugality

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Vice President

Rachel talked me into doing this.